Jayvees Trample Leicester, 42 to 0

An overweight and under-conditioned football squad from Leicester Junior College got pushed up and down Soldiers Field last Saturday and left after a 42 to 0 shellacking from the Crimson Jayvees.

But for the mercy of Coach Ben McCabe, the score might have gone even higher, but the Jayvee mentor allowed the game to be shortened and sent in most of his second stringers.

The Leicester players actually weren't prepared for any kind of football. By half-time their coach admitted "the team is out of condition," and by mutual consent the remaining periods were shortened to ten minutes each.

Seven Men Hurt

Even so, the Maroon and Gold left the field with seven players injured out of a 24-man squad.


Pete Petrillo, George Goodrich, and several other Varsity men who didn't win a berth to Cornell switched over to the Jayvees for the afternoon, and all added to Leicester's plight.

Harvard rolled up its points on six touchdowns, four conversions, and a safety. Only 50 students watched the pillage, most spectators having preferred the nearby Freshman game.