SANSS Launches Series of Science Talks This Week

First in a series of forums designed to "increase co-operation and understanding among students in different fields" will be presented Thursday night by SANSS--Student's Association of the Natural and Social Sciences.

The purpose of these meetings is to acquaint student scientists with other fields of education, and conversely, to enable non-scientists to discover what science is doing, spokesmen explained yesterday. The organization is set up for all University members regardless of field of concentration.

Topic for the first meeting is "The Influence of Natural Science upon Society." Speakers include Professors Kirtley F. Mather and John D. Wild, with Samuel A. Stouffer acting as moderator.

More Meetings Planned

Later meetings will discuss "The Place of the Scientist in Society," "The Cultural Significance of Science and Its Role in Education,' and "The Empirical Method in Natural and Social Science."


Future speakers will be Professors Percy W. Bridgman '04, Edwin C. Kemble '17, Clyde C. Kluckhohn, Pitirim A. Sorokin, and Associate Professor Wendell H. Furry.