Crime Reveals?-Formation Today

"We're still working on fundamentals," moaned player-coach Willfill S. Fiend '49 yesterday as the CRIMSON gridiron extravaganza gave a preliminary two chugs and a wheeze and rolled downhill toward the Dartmouth tilt.

"The scouting report shows the Indians have a weak by-line so we plan to split their infinitive and block their metaphors," tongued the old master, hers do combat.

The Crime plans to use the Quest-shon Mark formation which is practically impregnable. This formation is based on faking out the ends, trapping the guards, and then plunging through the middle. Instead of the usual backfield, the Quest-shon Mark features a quarterback, left half back, wired back, and benderback.

Left half Gaye Deceiver, a standout in his younger days, is back in shape. With Sam Small, Marty Medium and C. N. Things filling out the backfield, the Crime should present the Big Green daily with a formidable array.

"We plan to feel them out in the first ten minutes, and then open up with our pass attack," Fiend said. "If Dartmouth stops our Quest-Shon Mark attack, we can always use our quick-opening series.


"Our chief scout, Sincere S. Hocanbe, reports that the Hanover Hooligans use a tight V-formation, with a blocker on each side," said Fiend, the Crime's chief plunger. "We're going to work on all the angles, however, and perhaps we can open up their defenses."

The CRIMSON lineup: le, Bailiff; it, S. D. Riterson; lg, G. G. Henpeckd; c, I. Got Mellingor; rg, Paul Sack '48; rt, S. W. or R. A. Green; re, Tow L. Joque; qb, A. P. Farb; tb, Fiend; fb, O.K. Prat; wb, Legman M. Davis.