Dewey Gains Landslide Endorsement of Faculty

Poll Result Reverses Trend of '30's

Thomas E. Dewey will be the overwhelming choice of the Harvard Faculty when it goes to the polls next Tuesday.

According to a CRIMSON postcard poll of all Faculty members with appointments of more than one year, Dowey will trounce Truman by a four to one margin.

Of the more than 900 appointees, 480 had mailed in their postcard ballots by yesterday. Of these, 332 were for Dewey, 84 for Truman, 20 for Wallace, 19 for Thomas, 2 for Thurmond, and 23 undecided.

This result represents a striking turnabout from the elections of 1936 and 1940, in which the Faculty backed Franklin D. Roosevelt '04. No straw vote was taken in 1944, since Army and Navy authorities banned any news about politics in the Service News, the CRIMSON's wartime substitute.

Past Votes


In 1940, the Faculty's vote was 283 for Roosevelt, 274 for Willkie. In 1936, the result showed 77 for Roosevelt to 66 for Landon.

But regardless of whom they favor this year, Faculty members, almost to a man, will cast their ballots on Election Day. Of the 480 replying, 459, or 95.6 percent, indicate that they will go to the polls or cast absentee ballots on November 2.

Though additional Faculty ballots are expected to arrive in the mails during the next few days, Dewey's lead is so great that it seems impossible that he can be headed.

Coming Events

Final results of the Faculty poll, plus the results of CRIMSON straw votes among Harvard and Radcliffe students and Radcliffe administrative officials will be announced in subsequent issues of the CRIMSON.

A preference for Dewey among students, however, will hardly come as a surprise, as past CRIMSON polls have shown that Harvard students traditionally support the Republican standard bearer.