Sailing, Sailing . . .

Twelve Radcliffe girls will take to their dinghies today in an effort to win the coveted Charles River Yachting crown.

They will be opposed in their efforts by Commodore Pete Putnam, Jr. '49 and his Harvard yacht team. The regatta, in which six boats from each team will participate, begins at the M.I.T. boat house at 2:15 p.m.

Shirts at Stake

While no trophy has been offered the winner, Radcliffe dinghy sailors Rona Jaffe '51, Felicia Reed '52, and Betty Trygstad '52 have agreed to give their shirts to Putnam if his cohorts emerge victorious.

Radcliffe crew members are: Beatrice Binger '52, Sally Cushman '50, Marie Louise Horgan '52, Hope Ingersoll '50, Miss Jaffe, Elizabeth Keating '51, Miss Reed, Ellinor Robinson '52, Mary Shiverick '52, Mary Stokes '51, Miss Trygstad, and Cornelia Wilkins '52.


Putnam was still mulling over his lineup last night, trying to put together a winning combination to halt the highly touted Annex sailors.