Crimson Tunes Up to Meet Cornell

Valpey Studies Scout Reports on Big Red

Harvard ranks 19th in the nation this week, according to the ballots of 153 sports editors in the Associated Press weekly poll. The Crimson's upset win over Columbia won it fourth ranking in the East, behind Army, Penn, and Penn State.

Yesterday brought the first football weather to Cambridge--bright, hard sunshine that gave way to quick cold towards suppertime. But yesterday brought the Varsity back with a bang from its two-day spree to the same work they have been doing for a month.

Art Valpey gave his first and secondstringers a light day--"they had their bumps Saturday"--while he attended to the other half of the squad. After sending in his starters with a little over an hour of signal drill under their belts, he put the rest through 90 minutes of bruising scrimmage.

Valpey and his aides were still in the process of sifting their information on Cornell yesterday, so no obvious changes were visible. The movies of Saturday's game here plus the reports of scouts Ben McCabe and Henry Lamar, who watched Cornell down Navy and N.Y.U., will form the basis for the week's work.

The rest of the Crimson's travelling G-2 staff watched Army and Dartmouth over the weekend. Bill Barclay spent his second straight Saturday at Michie Stadium, where the Black Knights mangled Lafayette. Elmer Madar went south to Philadelphia to get a preliminary line on Dartmouth.


Back in Cambridge, one particularly encouraging note was the absence of injuries. Rocky Stone, who has been out a week, was exercising under the canny eye of Jimmy Cox, and may be ready soon. Jerry Bahn, who broke an arm in pre-season workouts, appeared and began preliminary conditioning work. At the time of his injury Bahn ranked well up in the defensive ends.

Valpey plans to take 36 men to Ithaca--"of course I can't say which 36 Yet"--as well as coaches Jordan and Nelson. The other assistants will again be on the road--Barclay at Champaign, III., and Madar at Dartmouth.