Students Out to Out-Eat Hickman . . .

Challenge Life's Claim To His Eating Lead

Two Law School students, incensed over a recent statement in Yale-controlled Life Magazine, have challenged the Eli football coach to a gastronomical contest. The remark, contained in the Luce publication's pale blue appraisal of the nation's new coaches, said, "Herman Hickman can eat more than any two men alive."

The challengers, in crimson trunks, are Robinson O. Everett '47 and Paul A. Nurick '45, both second year law students. Yesterday they dispatched their demands by letter to New Haven.

The Party of the First Part . . .

According to the terms of the proposed agreement, all three gentlemen will sit down to a meal and whoever loses foots the bill. The local due are convinced they can upset Yale's answer to Man-mountain Dean because they boast palates "conditioned by copious amounts of Army chow, Southern barbeque, and Cambridge beans."

The two students hope to hold their contest sometime during the Yale weekend, when Mr. Hickman will be in Cambridge with his football team. At the moment they are searching for a local eatery which will provide a free training table.