HAA Turns Down 2000 Requests

Every seat for the Yale game has been sold.

HAA ticket manager Frank O. Lunden announced yesterday that the 65th Yale game is a complete sellout, and that some 2000 extra applications went into the mails yesterday with regrets and refunds.

The allotments for the game placed all undergraduates between sections 27 and 37, or roughly from end zone to end zone on the Harvard side. Three full sections went to Seniors, filling the biggest single class application since 1941.

Goal Line Stand

Juniors and Sophomores fared less well. No member of either class got nearer to the middle of the field than the 30-yard line, and most wound up between the goal and the 15.


All Freshman applications were filled with colonnade seats, following the Student Council's recommendations after last year's Yale game.

About 800 seats in sections 30 and 31 will be filled with former football lettermen, while 1200 seats in 31 and 32 have been allotted to squad members, managers, coaches, doctors, and such special applicants as members of the Corporation and the Board of Overseers.

Faculty on 20

College faculty will occupy about 300 seats in sections 29 and 30. The only other allotment in the Harvard stands is the usual 200-seat band section in 34.

All Grad School applications for both students and faculty were filled in the colonnades or the steel stands. Only scattered seats in the steel stands are allotted to late applications and other sales.