Annex Juniors Swim as Far as Yale In Allegorical Intramural Contest

Swimmers of the Annex junior class "reached Yale" yesterday afternoon during the second day of water intramurals in an attempt to complete a mythical journey through eight men's colleges and "get back in time for the Yale game" Saturday. The sophomores, for whom no swimmers had turned out on Monday, swam right past the senior and freshman teams and on 164 lengths to Dartmouth.

Seven hundred lengths of the 'Cliffe pool will complete the imaginary round trip and give the winning team 25 points toward the intramural trophy. Freshman swimmers are approaching Dartmouth, while the seniors lagged too long at MIT and are now only halfway to Brown.

"With just Columbia, Princeton, Annapolis, and West Point left to go, the juniors are a cinch to win," Nina Emerson '50 said after swimming 50 lengths for her class.

Each girl can swim as many consecutive lengths of the pool as she desires, Virginia Gossard '49, Athletic Association chairman of swimming, announced at the opening of the contest Monday. The race will run during pool open hours until Friday afternoon.

Christine Bosshard '51 amazed spectators at yesterday's session by going 92 lengths without stopping.


Last year the class of '50 "swam to Bermuda" to take top honors in the intramurals. "Acapulco or Bust" was the objective in 1947.