House Games Cover Soldiers Field

Kirkland vs. Berkeley Tops Eight-Game Jackpot

People who enjoy watching football games will get their fill on Soldiers Field this afternoon, as all eight House League teams battle eight Yale Colleges for the intramural championships in the traditional season's windup.

Most important game--for the wavering spectator--is the top-of-the-heap contest between Kirkland, the Harvard champ, and Berkeley, Yale's top College. Both squads in this blue-chip game will be using the single wing formation.

The Deacons, who won from Eliot in a playoff Tuesday after the two teams had ended the season in a tie, will rely on their crafty Michigan-style single-wing spinner formation, with its effective trio of plunging backs: Jerry Glynn, Willie Thompson, and Jacques Winter. Rounding out the backfield is quarterback Hollis French, who handles the team's passing.

The Berkeley Mitres use the old power-driving variation of the single wing, behind a heavy punishing line, most of their plays being straight power pushes and sweeps. Berkeley, top dog in Yale's North division of the intramural league. whipped Saybrook, the South winners, in an upset last Friday, 12 to 6.

Kirkland vs. Berkeley


The starting Kirkland lineup: le, Snow; lt, Brown; lg, Jameson; c, Lynch; rg, Read; rt, Ritchie; re, Eaton; qb, French; lh, Winters; rh, Thompson; fb, Glynn.

Eliot vs. Jonathan Edwards

The starting Eliot lineup: le, Pugh; It, Palmer; lg, Relyea; c, England; rg, Dampman; rt, Frank; re, Guyld; tb, Rossiter; qb, Montgomery; wb, Wilder; fb, Galphin.

Winthrop vs. Davenport

The starting Winthrop lineup: le, Cameron, T.; lt Wallace; lg, Lyon; c, Holt; rg, Holbrook; rt, Hosmer; re, Ways; qb, Cauch; lh, Cameron, R.; rh, Thayer; fb, Aloian.

Lowell vs. Trumbull

The starting Lowell lineup: le, Silver; lt, McCullough; lg, Marble; c, Mortimer; rg, Ripley; rt, Sweetser; re, Esch; qb, Korassik; lh, Donahoe; rh, Wales; fb, Woodruff.

Dunster vs. Calhoun

The starting Dunster lineup: le, Smith; lt, Wesen; lg, O'Shea; c, Kelley; rg, Smith; rt, Bruce; re, Graham; qb, Viola; lh, Pearlstein; rh, MacDonald; fb, Heller or Schultz.

Adams vs. Saybrook

The starting Adams lineup: le, Phypers; lt, Holt; lg, Ingram; c, Rogers; rg, Boucher; rt, Nosek; re, Evans; qb, Bogert; lh, Fialkow; rh, Davis; fb, Andrews.

Leverett vs. Timothy Dwight

The starting Leverett lineup: le, Cadigan; lt, Foster; lg, Burtis; c, Ryan; rg, Maxwell; rt, Zirin; re, Opel; qb, Craig; lh, Bradbury or Gallow; rh, Kaplan or Brick; fb, Cooper.

Dudley vs. Branford

The starting Dudley lineup: le, Marshall; lt, Foynes; lg, Edry; c, White; rg, Mulkey; rt, Whittaker; re, Semiloff; qb, Worsky; lh, Tomasello; rh, Stanford; fb, Bishop.