Council Sends Bender New Proposal on Student Rights

Drops Parking in Eliot Triangle

The Student Council passed a resolution condemning Dean Bender's recently-announced policy on interviews with Vice-President Reynolds and his assistants at a special meeting last night.

The Council made several recommendations to replace Bender's plan which would have required all those seeking interviews with the University's "houseeleaning staff" first to clear it with the Dean's Office.

At the same time, the group accepted the report recommending parking in the Kirkland-Eliot Winthrop House triangle by Charles R. Brynteson '50, chairman of the Student Welfare Committee, but tabled the proposals.

Last Thursday, the Council met with Dean Bender and expressed their opposition to his new policy. At that time, Bender asked the Council to make proposals for a substitute, and, according to Council president William D. Weeks '49, seemed to appreciate the Council's viewpoint. The Dean later told the CRIMSON that the should have consulted the Council first.

Council, Dean Cooperate


The Council's recommendations ask that the rule be "rescinded," and suggests that Council members, before seeking interviews with Reynolds or his staff, should first consult with Weeks. The report adds that as many Council members as possible should accompany Weeks in his weekly meeting with Dean bender to further "cooperation between the Council and the Dean's Office."

Brynteson explained that activating the recommendations would be useless, since both bender and Reynolds have already turned thumbs down. In addition, Mason Hammond '25, master of Kirkland House is "unalterably opposed" to parking in the triangle be- cause of the "disturbance."

One Council member quoted Mason Hammond as saying "my resignation will be on the Provost's desk the day parking is allowed in front of Kirkland House."

Brynteson's recommendations would have allowed 23 to 25 cars to be parked in the triangle. His committee would