Regional NSA Mobilizes for Projects of Coming Season

"Right now our main concern is finding a room for a regional office," Alice Gilbert '49, NSA Regional Chairman announced yesterday.

From this office a full-time staff will synchronize NSA's four main projects: a tri-nation tour administered by the Radcliffe chapter of NSA, foreign student hospitality promotion, a soap, clothes, book drive to help staff the Free University of Berlin, and the channelling of student purchasing powers within the Boston area to obtain cheaper student rates.

Central Government

Plans are in order to set up an administrative agency which will centralize all mailing and publish a bi-monthly survey of regional news.

"It is my hope that by having a very efficient administrative service, colleges within the region can avoid overlapping work by learning activities of other NSA chapters," Miss Gilbert added.



On the Radcliffe scene a parallel structure has already been set up with Marry Hall '50 and Irene Tinker '49 coordinating the work of various student committees.

According to Miss Gilbert, various voluntary committees will conduct NSA activities in place of last year's nucleus of NSA workers, a means of encouraging college-wide interest in NSA. "Every student as an NSA member is eligible and welcome to work on these committees," she said.