Grad Council Asks Hygiene Dept. Change

Urges Pharmacy, End To Extra Fees

The Graduate Student Council demanded yesterday that the Hygiene Department abolish all special fees charged students for medical services not covered by the Department's regular $15-per-term charge.

The Council, which represents students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, also recommended that the Hygiene Department "give serious consideration to the proposal that a pharmacy be established to fill prescriptions for students at cost."

Previous Report

Graduate Council action on the special fees endorsed the recommendations of the Student Committee on the Hygiene Department, a University-wide student group organized to conduct a survey of medical operations. The Committee conducted a year-long investigation before releasing its report.

In its recommendations to the Hygiene Department, the Graduate Council said that a single fee should include all extra services, "in order to encourage students to seek medical attention without hesitating because of the added costs of some services."


Official Opposition

Dr. Arlic V. Bock, head of the Hygiene Department, had previously announced his opposition to the abolition of special fees. His statement on the subject came at the time of the Student Committee's report.

At that time Dr. Bock said, "The question of maintenance of a pharmacy raises again the problem of the limits within which the University can properly serve students."