PBH Chooses Perry, Nagel

Phillips Brooks House has a new president, Allen C. Perry '50 of Adams House, and a new vice-president, Edward M. Nagel '48, also of Adams. The results of an election held during the past week were announced last night at a dinner attended by the entire PBH membership.

The new president began to work with PBH in 1946. Since last spring he has been secretary. Nagel, too, has been with PBH since 1946.

Hyde New Secretary

In a meeting of the cabinet after the dinner Robert P. Hyde '51 of Belmont was appointed to fill the secretarial slot vacated by Perry.

After the dinner Mr. Charles W. Duhig, graduate secretary of PBH, spoke about the meaning and value of PBH work. "We all expect something in return for the work we do," Duhig said. "What is the value we receive from social service? We broaden our understanding of people. Success often depends more on this breadth of understanding than on skill."