Lowell Five Tops Scrappy Bunnies

The Leverett House basketbal team may look like four little men bounding round a maypole, but it threw such a scare into highly-favored Lowell Friday that the Bellboys managed to find their predicted form only in the last few minutes, to win finally 29 to 24.

The maypole was center Dave Belcher, who calmly dominated the backboards throughout the game and also scored six points, and the little men were he rest of the team, short, fast, tricky, and good on the long shots.

Sloppy Start

The Lowell squad started sloppily, missing rebounds, fast break opportunities, and shots, and as a result the Burnies led at the half. The winners bounced back in the second period.

In the B League game, Leverett won 32 to 30.


A and B League basketball contests today are: Adams-Dunster (2 p.m.); Leverett-Kirkland (7 p.m.); and Eliot-Winthrop (8 p.m.). Squash competition starts today with A and B League games all at 5 p.m.: Adams-Eliot, Leverett-Dunster, and Lowell-Winthrop.