New Local Movie Theater Possible

A new three-story building, housing stores, offices, and a movie theater may spring up in Brattle sq. next to the Bennet st. MTA car burns, if Cambridge city manager John B. Atkinson accepts a $50,000 bid for an area now being used as a parking lot.

James A. Cronin, owner of Jim's place on Dunster st., offered $36,000 for the site for the purpose of erecting a restaurant with a capacity of 400, and three other bids ranging from $34,000 to $45,000 have been filed at City Hall.

Atkinson is authorized to sell the lot, the site of the Cambridge police station, until 15 years ago, for not less than $34,000, but prize is not the only factor.

Looking for Best Offer

The City Council recommended sale of the city-owned lot only "after taking such means as are available to assure its being used in the most advantageous way to the city."


The buyer of the lot will be required to allow a small lunchroom which serves MTA employees to remain at the present low rental and may be forced to keep some of the area open to parking.

The $50,000 bid was filed by Samuel D. Rothenberg for the syndicate that owns the Washington and Kenmore Theaters and the Opera House in Boston. Attorney William School filed a bid of $45,000 for the purposes of erecting a $250,000 building within six months. Henry J. Shea offered $40,000 in order to put up a block of retail stores. The $34,000 bid came from Albert M. Sateriale.