Throngs Jam Post Office by Xmas Mailing

Harvard men who still have a shipment of dirty socks to mail home are in for at least a half-hour wait at the Cambridge post office.

Three column of people laden with packages filled half the length of the building by 10:30 yesterday morning. The staff is handling about 150 percent more than its normal load, H. F. Danehy, superintendent, disclosed.

Bulk of the package-senders yesterday were Cambridge, Arlington, Belmont, and Lexington residents rather than college students. Most students seem to attend to their Christmas mail at home, it was revealed. There has been a marked increase in the number of outgoing laundry cases this week.

Extra Help Working

Two extra clerks and 35 additional letter-carriers have ben added to the staff to deal with the holiday rush. Providing there are no big snows, the post office thinks it can maintain normal service.


Packages always arrive at the post office for vacationing students, and these will probably be held for them until after vacation. The packages will not be redirected to home addresses because of the already heavy load on the post office.

One clerk felt that this is one of the biggest rushes the post office has ever had.

"People still seem to have plenty of money for presents," he said.