Weeks Keeps Silent on Fisher's Status in NSA

William D. Weeks '49, President of the Student Council, last night withheld the results of a meeting which was held to decide if Robert C. Fisher '51 should be forced to resign from the National Student Association.

"I do not think that this thing (the Fisher affair) should get so much publicity," was Weeks' reason for refusing information.

Thursday night both Alfred M. Goodloe '49, head of the College NSA delegation, and Weeks had unofficially requested the resignation of Fisher.

One of the main topics of discussion last night was the NSA election last spring under which Fisher came out top delegate.

An important reason for the re-vote in this election was the feeling that political clubs had definitely influenced the vote.


The HYRC had centered their support on one Young Republican, Fisher, at the expense of other HYRC candidates.

The HYRC also sent out postcards backing Frederic D. Houghteling '50, president of the Harvard Liberal Union. Houghteling, at the same time, produced postcards personally favoring Fisher.

As a result of this politicking and inadequate ballot facilities, pressure was placed on Weeks to hold a re-vote He said that "there was not sufficient cause for a new election."

However, the Council, over Weeks' head, passed rules forbidding any organization from backing a candidate and asked for a re-election.

In the second election, both Fisher and Houghteling remained among the top three vote-getters. The personal Houghteling postcards for Fisher, and the HYRC postcards for Houghteling had already been sent out. The damage had been done.

Meanwhile, Fisher further expanded and clarified his position. He retracted his statement that he was once a member of the HYRC Planningy Committee.

He showed that he had not given the HYRC credit for two fifths of his votes in the second election. He only said that he felt that he, himself, was responsible for the other three-fifths.

Fisher also said that he had not used any "Lincoln line" in convincing Negroes to join the HYRC