Photo Society Opens Exhibit of Best Prints

The 30 best black-and-white prints from the University's Photographic Society's fall salon, held last night in the Union Copper Common Room, will begin a three week tour of the College this morning, starting in the Union Lower Common Room.

The exhibition will remain in the Union until Sunday and will be shown for at least two days in each House before vacation.

The photographs were selected from 65 prints entered in the competition. Top awards went to Mare G. Dreyfus '47 2G, Alfred M. Weisberg '47, and Cervin Robinson '50.

David B. Stone '49, Sumner Zachs '51, and Anthony Partridge '50 won a color slide contest out of 175 entries.

Judges included Samuel Chamberlain, Richard W. Cartwright, and Gyorgy Kepes.