'51 Will Pick First Sophomore Class Committee on Tuesday

Thirty-two Nominated for New Group

Elections for the first sophomore class committee in Harvard history will be held on Tuesday, Amory Houghton '50, chairman of the Student Council's Class Affairs Committee announced last night.

Thirty-two men have been nominated, either by the Nominating Committee or though petitions with 25 signatures, for the Class of '51 body.

The Class of '51 is the first to undergo the organizational shake-ups recommended by the Paul report on Class Affairs which the Council approved last year.

Both the Class of '49 and '50 will be reorganized, but they will be unable to follow the complete procedure.

Individual Program


The program of the class committee is left "directly to the committee." The report adds that "each committee will adopt a scheme best suited to its needs and not necessarily patterned after its predecessor." However, each class committee is required to held one social affairs yearly, restricted to class members and their guests.

Overall purpose of the class committees, according to the Paul report, is "to encourage class unity and fellowship."

Nominees and their extra-curricular activities are listed below.

James E. Darrett, Jr. of Kirkland House and Lowell: Chairman of Union Committee, Member of Freshman Affairs Committee.

Alvin Bocker of Adams House and Waltham: Union Committee, PBH Ticket Committee.

Edmund J. Blake of Dunster House and Medford: PBH, Harvard Combined Charities Drive, Catholic Club, Debating Club, Yacht, Club.

Carl D. Bottenfield of Kirkland House and Tulsa, Oklahoma: Freshman Football, Jubilee Committee, Crimson Koy, and Wrestling.

Marvin S. Elger of Lowell House and the Bronx: Union Committee, Assn't. Mgr. Freshman Football, Student Council sub-Committee.

Jack T. Fauis of Leverett House and DuHois, Pennsylvania: Outing Club.

Frederick M. Flalkow of Adams House and Brookline: Jubilee Committee, PBH, House Football, House Dance Committee, Crimson Key.