'52 Basketball Season Opens Against Cubs

The freshman basketball season opens tonight with the Yardlings facing the Brown freshmen, in Providence. The game, a preliminary to the varsity opener, will start at 7:15 p.m.

The starting lineup, averaging an even six feet, will be Bill Hickey and Jerry Murphy at forwards, John Stevenson at center, and Bill Borah and Alden Davis at guards. Coach Lloyd Harper intends, however, to use all of his 12-man traveling squad, because, as he said yesterday, "The boys are not in too good shape yet, since we've had only one week of hard practice. I want to give each boy a chance to show what he has."

Many Substitutions

Substitutions are expected to be made freely by both sides. For the Crimson, Jim Downey, a probable starter until he sprained his finger in practice Thursday, will alternate with Davis at guard, while Paul Altrocchi and Red Barry will work in at forwards with Hickey and Murphy. Alex Turovetz, Ambrose Redmond, Bill Letson, and Al Switzer also will probably see action before the final whistle.

As for the Cubs, they remain a mystery. Brown has released no information, so the Crimson quartet must wait for the whistle to reveal the Cubs in their true light. Sophomores will remember, however, that last year Brown gave the freshmen one of their few defeats.


Lack of practice further handicaps the Crimson. Although Coach Harper started practice on November 8, with 86 candidates, the final cut was not made until last week.

A permanent captain will be elected after the game with Northeastern next Wednesday.