'Cliffe Cowgirls...

Neither cold weather not a muddy arena could keep Radcliffe equestrians from holding their horseback riding intramurals yesterday afternoon. They simply moved indoors.

Francena Thomas, riding for the seniors, took top honors in three of the activities and brought her class first place in the meet. Miss Thomas won the experienced horsemanship class, the musical chairs class, and a bareback riding event.

Balloons Bust

Sophomore riders copped the runner up spot by placing first in the remaining two activities. Gloria Rosenbaum '51 took the intermediate horsemanship, while in a "break-the-ballon" game, Charlottes Coe '51 kept the balloon tied to her waist and intact the longest.

The junior and freshman classes came in third and fourth in the intramurals. Four girls rode for each of the upper classes, while three freshmen were entered.


Ann Wierum '50, Athletic Association riding chairman, was in charge of the meet. Mrs. Marion Goodhue of Topszeld, senior equitation judge of the National Horseback Association, picked the winners.

Experienced Houseman ship: First, Miss Thomas '49; second, Anne Parsons '49; third, Sandra Nebolsin '50; fourth Maida Barton '52.

Intermediate Horsemanship: First, Miss Rosenbaum '51; second, Lucia Cate '50; third; Phyllis Torp '52; fourth, Pat Hughes '49.

Musical Chairs: First, Miss Thomas '49; second, Miss Barton '52; third, Ellen Garvey '52; fourth, Miss Wierum '50.

Balloon Game: First, Miss Coe '51; second, Miss Hughes '49; third, Hope Ingersoll '50; fourth, Carol Jones '49. Bareback Riding: First, Miss Thomas '49; second, Miss coe '51; third, Miss Neboldin '50; fourth, Miss Parsons '49.

First, Miss Thomas '49; second, Miss Coe '51; third, Miss Nebolsin '50; fourth, Miss Parsons '49.