HYD Appeals For Lifting of 'Student' Ban

Council Begins Probe Of Deans' Decision

Submitting a formal protest, the HYD yesterday asked the Student Council to "take action to ensure the reversal of the Administration's ruling" which, late last term, denied the magazine New Student recognition as an official undergraduate publication.

Signed by Geoffrey White '48, Chairman of the HYD and editor of the New Student, the protest was received by Council President Edric A. Weld, Jr. '46 at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon and will be turned over, Weld said, to a subcommittee of the Committee on Extra-Curricular Activities for investigation.

Weld declined to comment on the HYD document, but said that Robert K. Bingham '48 would chair the Council subcommittee.

Second Request

The HYD will carry a separate request for reconsideration of the New Student's status to Provost Buck some time within the next two weeks. The exact wording of the protest will be settled at the next meeting of HYD executives.


White's argument was built on two considerations: 1) that at least two other magazines have printed a large proportion of material written outside Harvard, and, 2) that the Administration ruling violates the NSA charter, to which the College theoretically subscribes.

"The fact that the New Student was singled out for Administrative disapproval can be taken only as an act of political repression," the protest declared.

Council action on the HYD protest would not be forthcoming, Weld said, pointing out that a full investigation, which would examine the case of other magazines, including the Advocate and the Progressive, might take several weeks.