Secret Parley Points to Valpey as New Coach

HAA Made Choice Last Night After Michigan Assistant Flew to Boston

The new football coach of Harvard College was picked last night at a secret meeting of William J. Bingham's Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports. And if an amazing string of coincidences and circumstantial evidences ever proved a case, the new coach is one Arthur Valpey, assistant to Fritz Crisler at the University of Michigan.

Reports filtering into the CRIMSON last night that the Athletic Committee was meeting were confirmed when Associate Dean Watson, secretary to the Committee, walked in at 11:15 to announce that "an important release" was in the offing for Monday. Phone calls to the homes of members of the group earlier in the evening had established that all were out "at meetings or consultations" and could not be reached under any circumstances.

Arthur Valpey, the leading candidate for the job as of two weeks ago, arrived at Logan International Airport this morning and apparently spent most of the day with Bingham and his old friend, Bill Barclay, former freshman football coach at Michigan and current Crimson basketball coach. H.A.A. publicity director Arthur Sampson thought he had been flown in from Detroit "to meet the members of the Committee," but said Bingham had given him nothing to publicize. He was unaware of the impending Watson release.

Valpey's Wife Testifies

Valpey's wife in Ann Arbor told the CRIMSON that while her husband was "in Boston" she did not know where to reach him, but a deep male voice was answering the telephone at Bingham's apartment early in the evening. To questions about his identity he replied. "Who wants to know?"


Three weeks ago Bingham was in Detroit and saw Valpey when he was there, rating him as the number one available man he met in the West. As far as the CRIMSON could learn last night, Valpey was the only prospective candidate for the job currently in town, and he had been called Monday from Ann Arbor.

On Sunday Skip Stahley, coach at George Washington and a former Harlow assistant, dropped into Cambridge to visit friends, but apparently left town the next day. Biff Glassford, New Hampshire mentor, was the next caller. He too left for the hills after a short conference with Bingham.

Fesler Eager

Wes Fesler, coach at Ohio State University, for the past month has been angling for the job, but at the athletic meeting two weeks ago Bingham rated him low on the ladder.

Reports emanating from other parts of the H.A.A. figured Valpey for head coach with Bill Barclay as the next backfield coach and chief assistant. To this suggestion football squad members voiced cool comments, saying such a move would smack of the old regime.

As of 2:30 o'clock last night Bingham had not returned to his Memorial Drive home, and neighbors could not recall having seen him all evening.