Sextet Opens League Action Tonight at Princeton Rink

After more than two months of preparation, the Crimson hockey team will make a belated venture into Pentagonal League play this evening against Princeton on New Jersey ice.

The Tigers are securely holding down last place in the misnamed four-team conference, following two losses to Dartmouth, the perennial league title-holder. But that's nothing to be ashamed of.

Against common opposition, both teams have accumulated records that are striking in their similarity: each has beaten Brown badly, each has lost to Boston University by a considerable margin, each has edged out Boston College by a single goal.

Princeton's overall season's average looks slightly superior to that of the Crimson on paper, but its nine victories in 15 tries have been over slightly less formidable opponents.

Meanwhile, the freshmen sextet will travel up to Exeter in an attempt to better its six-and-three record at the expense of the always-powerful prep school squad.


Probable varsity lineups: HARVARD    PRINCETON Sears  lw  Elsaesser Key  c  Roberts McKean  rw  Dickenson Washburn  ld  Bernard Greeley  rd  Ryerson Chase or Yetman  g  Callanan