Swarthmore Press Silenced For View on Kinsey Report

Editorial comment on Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey's "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" has proved too strong a potion for Quaker tastes. As a result the 68-year-old Phoenix, Swarthmore College newspaper, has been forced to suspend publication.

President John W. Nason, in issuing the cease and desist order upon the paper asserted that the article in question "violated the canons of good taste."

By his order the newspaper has closed its doors until school authorities "can work out some method of understanding by which it won't happen again."

An explanatory telegram received by the CRIMSON last night disclosed that the retiring editor wrote his column "on application of the Kinsey Report to College." Two curt phrases told the rest of the story.

"Alumni indignant. Paper Suspended."


Author Safe

The communicant noted that reinstatement negotiations are in progress. No action can be taken against the author of the piece since he was a retiring editor and has since graduated college.

Significant factor in the situation is the nature of Dr. Kinsey's data, which is drawn in substantial amount from Swarthmore itself. Of the 5000 males whose sex histories comprise the first volume of the Kinsey Report, slightly over 100, or two percent, are Swarthmore men.