Course Additions, Changes


For Undergraduates and Graduates

Biology 24. Animal Histology. Half-course (spring term). Lectures, Tu., Th., and (at the pleasure of the instructor) Sat., at 9, and six hours of laboratory work per week. Professor Dawson.

Biology 24 is open to students who have taken Biology Db and an approved half-course in either animal morphology or physiology or who otherwise satisfy the instructor of their preparation.

German 60, Intermediate German Composition and Conversation. Half-course (spring term). Mon., Wed., Fri., at 10. Mrs. Davis. Prerequisite: Geran D or the consent of the instructor.



Slavic 10c. Elementary Russian (intensive). Full-course (spring term). Mon. through Fri., at 10 with practice hours to be arranged. Assistant Professor Znamensky (M.I.T)

Slavis 11c. Intermediate Russian (intensive). Full-course (spring term). Mon., Through Fri., Section 1 at 9. Section 2 at 10, with practice hours to be arranged Dr. Mark.

Slavic 13. Advanced Reading. Half-course (spring term). Mon., Wed., Fri., at 10, Mr. Fischer.


This course will emphasize the translation of texts in the field of History and the Social Sciences. It may be taken after Slavic 11b, 12a or 12b.

Primarily for Graduates

Applied Science 54. Tensor Analysis, Theoretical Mechanics, and Elasticity, Half-course (spring term). Mon., Wed., Fri., at 11. Professor Brillouin. For graduate students only.


Tensors, riemannian geometry, analytical dynamics, and general theory of elasticity. Prerequisites: A mathematical background corresponding to Applied Science 15a or Math. 10a or Physics 30a, and a knowledge of theoretical mechanics corresponding to Applied Science 46a or Physics 31 or Math. 8.