Kluckhohn to Quit Lectures For Research

Clyde Kluckhohn, professor of Anthropology, will leave all regular teaching duties in the Anthropology Department this term and devote his full time to direction of the newly created Committee on the Russian Research Center, it was announced during vacation.

The Russian Research Center was inaugurated in December when the Carnegie Corporation allocated $100,000 for this purpose. An attempt will be made to collect authoritative information on postwar Russian life and culture and make the facts available to American scholars. All findings will be made public.

Drops Three Courses

Professor Kluckhohn will be absent from the following courses this spring: Anthropology 6, 201, and 20a. The department has announced what men will take his place in these courses.

The research team will also include anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists, economists, and historians drawn from the faculty of this and other colleges throughout the nation.


In an attempt to fill up the gaps in America's knowledge of the USSR, the work will be conducted entirely independent of government agencies, although available government material will be studied.

Other members of the Research Center committee are Talcott Parsons, professor of Sociology, Donald C. McKay, professor of History, and Edward S. Mason, Dean of the Graduate School of Public Administrator.