Local Police Hunt Rugs and Drapes Snatched at PBH

Another organization joined the Coop in searching for bandits this week, although on a somewhat smaller scale, as Phillips Brooks House looked for the answer to the "mysterious disappearance" of two small oriental rugs from the main parlor and a set of window drapes from ladies' room.

PBH Graduate Secretary Charles W. Duhig '29, notified Cambridge and Yard police of the burglary early Tuesday morning. At the end of three days' combing of all available leads, investigators have so far been unable to uncover the loot, valued at $80 by Duhig.

Sole clue in the search is a smashed basement window which opens on the ladies' room. However, Duhig refused to relate the broken window and the missing articles definitely, declaring that "the window might easily have been broken by some happy Freshman's snowballs."

Jauitor John L. Cookburn asserted that the rugs were in place when he entered the building at 7 o'clock Tuesday morning and office staff workers discovered their disappearance two hours later.

"Anyone from the street could have walked off with the rugs." Duhig said, "since we always leave the parlor door open but nothing like this has ever happened before."