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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Today's CRIMSON reported that in a speech before the United Nations Council Professor William Yandell Elliott assailed the "United Nations decision to partition Palestine. His reasons as reported in the CRIMSON seen to be that he considers both the Jewish community in Palestine and those refugees in DP centers in Europe as communistic. Professor Elliott said he spoke as an academic irresponsible. A knowledge of the facts of the situation forces one to agree with Professor Elliott's own assessment of his speech. It would seem that he has fallen prey to the very insidious propaganda being spread by the British in their attempts to wreck the partition scheme.

The Zionist movement has never been a communistic one. In the last elections to the Jewish National Council in Palestine the Communists managed to elect one delegate out of 600. The strongest political party in Palestine--Mapai--is a labor party, but so is Mr. Bevin's. The Soviet attitude towards Zionism has always been hostile. After the revolution Zionism as a political movement in the Soviet Union was destroyed root and branch. Hebrew is a banned language in Russia. Zionist leaders were imprisoned when the Russians took over Poland during the war. The Kremlin has consistently denounced Zionism, ironically enough as the "tool of British imperialism." Jewish refugees who have been offered citizenship in the Soviet Union have consistently refused, preferring to take their chances of getting to Palestine.

Professor Elliott stated that if would be dangerous to "lot 100,000 Jews enter Palestine from carefully indoctrinated countries." To whom is he referring? The 100,000 Jewish refugees sin DP camps in the American sector of Germany? Indoctrinated by whom? American Military Government oricutation squads?

Even the British were forced to retract the statement that the refugees of the Pan York and Pan Crescent were predominantly communist. The British had something of a case here, it had seemed at first, because many of these refugees spoke Russian as well as Yiddish. When pressed for proof of the original assertion, however, the commander of the refugees' camp at Cyprus flatly denied that these refugees, who were screened at Cyprus, were communists.

Professor Elliott referred to the Jews and Arabs as "merely pawns." The Arab nation may be the oawns of British policy and Angle-American oil interests. The Jews were pawns of Hitler, not of Karl Marx. Mendy Weisgal '45, 2G.   Vice-Chairman, Harvard Zionist Society

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