Crimson Vernal Competitions Dawn

The little red doors at 14 Plympton Street will swing open for the last time this year at 7:30 o'clock tonight, as the Crimson opens its spring competition for the News, Editorial, Photographic, and Business Boards. Second, third, and (on one board) fourth term men will start the ten week competition in a spray of beer; the lucky, the able, and the persistent will be editors before the start of final exams.

News Board

Besides learning the whys and wherefores of the College, hobnobbing with assistant, associate, and full professors, and seeing the works of the University, competition for the News Board will teach you to write.

John U. Monro '34, now Counsellor for Veterans, had this to say in the CRIMSON's 75th Anniversary issue last term; "Nowhere else in the College is the flamboyance of high school prose so thoroughly smashed. . . . A man learns to write. . . . This is what enables editors to pass examinations and stay in College, and the value of the lessor does not always diminish in later years." The competition, which will last for ten weeks, is open to freshmen and first term sophomores.

Editorial Board

Spleen ventors of the College, arise. Tonight, at 7:30 o'clock, the CRIMSON throws open its doors, as well as its beer and coke bottles, to candidates for the editorial board. Both first and second term sophomores will be eligible.

During the course of the competition, candidates may reveal their opinions on everything from the machinations of the Kremlin to those of University Hall. Furthermore the editorial board, far from being limited to austere and weighty expressions of thought, also provides the opportunity to write such features as the Playgoer, the Moviegoer, the Faculty Profile, and the Music Box.

The competition will not last more than ten weeks.

Business Board

Planning to go to Business School? The CRIMSON Business Board offers undergraduates training on an executive level in a full scale business enterprise.

The CRIMSON spends money at the rate of better than $1000 a week or $200 a day. The Business Board sells the ads that cover these costs and produces a sizable profit for distribution to the editors. Board members come up against all the problems of the publishing and selling trades and get a good knowledge of the Boston-Cambridge business seene.

It is the best training in business administration, publishing and selling that undergraduate life offers a Harvard man. The CRIMSON building will be a worthwhile place tonight for anyone interested in a business career who would like to learn in an atmosphere where learning is pleasant and mistakes don't count.

Photo Board

"Lift your skirt just a little higher there, queenie" is the most used query of CRIMSON photographers. The reply is almost always in the affirmative. It seems that the combination of camera and press card melts females at sight and has ever been known to disarm a dean or two.

Experience and equipment are not a sine quo quota for the prospective CRIMSON photographer, for 14 Plympton Street beasts its own cameras and one of the best darkrooms and photo labs in all of North Cambridge. Whether you intend to be a press photographer or specialist in intend parfait the CRIMSON offers the area's most thorough photography training.