AVC Group Joins Federal Housing Lobby in Capital

Three delegates from the University chapter of the American Veterans Committee will join an army of 2,000 representatives from other veterans organizations in Washington today to press for passage of the Taft-Ellender-Wagner federal housing bill.

Stanley A. Karson '49, chairman of the AVC here, John A. Quisenbery '46 and William H. Cook '40 left Cambridge yesterday for the National Veterans Housing Conference in the Capital, where they will confer with Congressmen and Senators in an effort to get the proposed legislation out of the House committee which now has it under consideration.

Elsenhower, Truman to Speak

President Truman, Senator Taft, one of the bill's sponsors, and Dwight D. Elsenhower, president of Columbia University, will address the conference during its two-day session.

Official representatives of all veterans groups in the nation, with the exception of the American Legion, will take part in the sessions, asking enactment of the act which would set up a National Housing Commission to develop coordinated housing policies and programs for the government.