War Memorial May be Designated At Committee's Meeting Tomorrow

Leaders for SAC Will Appear at Conclave

Months of controversy will be concluded tomorrow afternoon as the representatives of Harvard's alumni meet to decide what will be the University's Memorial for World War II. The official Alumni War Memorial Committee will be in session in its long-awaited decisive meeting.

Eliot House will be the scene of the gathering toward which divergent groups in the University have been training their sights since the middle of October. The alumni group, under the chairmanship of Leverett Saltonstall '14, will meet for lunch at 12:30 in the rooms of the Society of Fellows.

A new tack in the plans of the committee was disclosed this week with the announcement that three members of the Alumni Committee for a University Memorial Activities Center had been invited to go to the meeting for a short time to present their views on the memorial. Daniel P. S. Paul '46, executives secretary, Thomas S. Kuhn '45, and Thomas L. P. O'Donnel '47 will attend the gathering on behalf of this group of younger alumni.

Ends Long Discussion

The meeting of the Saltonstall Committee climaxes months of conjecture and behind the scenes discussion which have followed the October 19 decision of the Committee. At that time the Saltonstall body left the field open for a Medical Center, Activities Center, or combined memorial tablet-scholarship proposal. Of the three, the last had won overwhelming statement within the Committee.

Tomorrow's meeting may end in a specific recommendation to the Alumni Association and Associated Harvard Clubs, a fence-stradding dual option, or a postponement of any decision. A definite suggestion is most likely.

Of the fourteen men on the Saltonstall Committee, four are definitely not expected to attend the meeting tomorrow.