Undefeated Swimmers Face Strong Navy Squad Tonight

There's an old saying to the effect that most sailors can't swim. This particular remark would have received small credence the past few days around the pool, where Hal Ulen's swimmers have been brushing up for the Navy meet at Annapolis tonight.

Three contests thus far this year have produced three wins. But this apparently heartening record has been piled up against impotent M.I.T. and Brown teams and over an Army squad that showed far less power than expected.

Trouble Ahead

In the rough weeks ahead, the local water speedsters will face Columbia, Dartmouth, and the usually-powerful Yale team as well as other tough opponents.

The tipoff on the team's post-exam power may well come tonight, when a reputedly strong Navy outfit should tax the local strength to its fullest extent. Such first-line performers as Ted Norris in the quarter-mile, Jerry Gorman in the 220, Captain Chuck Hoelzer in the breaststroke, and Tom Drohan in the dive should win; but whether the depth necessary to win the vital relays is forthcoming remains to be seen.