Conant Blasts Barnes Bill Today As Teachers Union Fights H1597

Other College Leaders Will Testify Today

President Conant and batterles of speakers from the University and local colleges will take up the cry against Attorney General Clarence A. Barnes' controversial anti-Communist legislation at State House hearings this afternoon.

When the Committee on Education opens its 2:30 o'clock session to hear opponents of H220, President Conant will be on hand to state the University's viewpoint.

Administration leaders from other universities will be ready to forward the case of higher education against the bill, which would make it illegal for any public or private school or college to employ a member of the Communist Party, a proponent of its doctrines, or one who advocates unconstitutional overthrow of the government.

Killian Will Appear

Vice-President James R. Killian, Jr., of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will take the stand for that University, while it is a possibility that Daniel L. Marsh, president of Boston University, will also testify.

Wellesley College's disapproval of the bill will be voiced by President Mrs. Mildred McAfee Horton. It is rumored that the Committee will also hear from Williams College President James Phinney Baxter.

In addition to President Conant, a host of other University members will speak. Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. '38, associate professor of History, is scheduled to oppose the Barnes Bill for the State branch of Americans for Democratic Action. Schlesinger is chairman of ADA's Cambridge Chapter.

As a result of action taken at Wednesday's meeting, Richard W. Kimball '50 will officially repesent the Student Council this afternoon to oppose the bill.

NSA Is Opposed

A convention of the New England Region of the National Student Association yesterday appointed Lawrence M. Jaffa 2Divias one of its two representatives at the State House. Jaffa will register NSA's rejection of the bill.

Raquel Heller '49 and Irene Tinker '49 will appear today to voice Radcliffe student protest. They were chosen by the Student Government Association Council, which recently condemned the bill.

Students for Democratic Action is represented by Richard M. Hays '49, who was appointed by a Regional Convention to attend the hearings.

Further criticism of the bill will come from George D. Dysart 2L, speaking for the State American Veterans Committee.

Ernest M. Howell '47, president of the National Intercollegiate Christian Council, will also offer opposition testimony.