Niemans Set Up New York Branch in 'Expansion' Step

Alumni of the Society of Nieman Fellows set up a New York chapter last week as the first step in a "regional expansion" program of the University journalism foundation, Curator Louis M. Lyons announced yesterday.

Led by Volta W. Torrey, managing editor of Popular Science and Stephen E. Fitzgerald, 25 former Fellows living in and around New York, inaugurated the new body. The chapter will conduct regular meetings with prominent newsmen not in the Society.

Two similar organizations, embracing the central part of the country, are already in operation in Kentucky and Tennessee, Lyons said. "The main function of our three regional organizations will be to promote first-rate discussions on topics valuable to newspapermen. This extends the seminar idea we practice at Harvard," he stated.

Institute Will Convene

Lyons also announced a 1948 meeting of the Nieman Institute, which convenes every two or three years. Nieman alumni from all parts of the nation will converge on the University at the start of June.

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