Clarifies Rally Stand

The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

In view of the fact that there has been some confusion considering the purpose of the Harvard Society for Industrial Democracy in taking part in the anti-UMT rally sponsored last Saturday by the Harvard Committee for Wallace, we would like to make it perfectly clear that our participation in no one way should be taken as an indication of our support of Wallace or Wallace-principles.

The Student League for industrial Democracy, our parent organization, in the years previous to World War II, learned the hard way of the bitter fruit of cooperation with Communists in the anti-conscription movement. We wish no repetition of that error, we are fully aware of the results of odious miscegenation with Communists or their sympathizers.

Our participation in the late unpleasantness was the result of a profound misconception as to the manner in which the meeting would be conducted. We were mistaken and admittedly naive in thinking that the Wollacitea would not utilize it for political purposes. It was a mistake of strategy, not of principle.

Our speaker made our stand on Communism and Wallace perfectly clear; unfortunately few stayed to listen. We wish to correct any unfavorable impression which may have been created. The purpose of this letter, then, is completely to dissociate our organization from the Wallace movement and to express our utter distaste for Communist principles. Gustav Papauck 1G,   National Chairman, S.L.L.D.