NSA Sponsors Summer Trip In Europe for 100 Students

Footloose students with a yen for summer travel abroad have a chance to satisfy their wanderlust in a three-month tour of England, Furnace, and the Netherlands, according to information released over the weekend by regional officials of the National Student Association.

The NSA will sponsor the trip.

Final data on the tri-nation tour, including itinerary, cost, and application directions, were made public last night by William J. Richard '49, International Activities Committee Chairman of the regional NSA.

Up to one hundred students will be accepted for the vacation project, which is designed "to give American students the broadest possible acquaintance with the seaboard countries of Western Europe within nine weeks at a reasonable price," according to an NSA leaflet issued by Richard.

Trip Costs $500


Total cost of the trip, including transportation, will be $500 per student a figure considerably lower than the expenses for most other European tour and projects announced so far, Richard said.

The tour will cover all the main cities of the three nations visited, and will include stops at the International Holiday centers in Holland and the Harvest Camps in England. Members of the expedition will leave Montreal on June 18 and return about September 15.

Application on blanks may be obtained at the Student Council office in Phillips Brooks House or at 5 Bryant Street, and must be submitted by April 1, Richard said. Transportation has been arranged on former troop transports by the Travel Department of the Dutch National Union of Students.