Wrestlers, Track Highlight Eli Weekend

Grapplers Prime For Upset Win Over Bulldogs

As Yalemen and Sundry Boston columnists frequently point out, no Harvard Varsity has beaten a New Haven team since last spring. Winter weather doesn't seem likely to change the trend, but who Chief Boston's wrestlers face the Eli in the Blockhouse at 4 o'clock today, the coin could come down for a Crimson upset.

Rated by the crutch of comparative scores, Yale should squeeze a close match from the Crimson, for the Blue has beaten Army and tied Princeton, the only two squads that have pinned Harvard this year. Fortunately, comparative scores in wrestling are about as unreliable as in other sports.

Three Crimson Favorites

The three Crimson aces, Dan Ray at 145, Don Louria at 165, and Captain Pete Fuller at unlimited, should win, and perhaps get a couple of pins among them, but Yale has the edge in the other classes. Once again the light positions and 175 hold the balance.

At 121 Dave Coombs meets Yaleman Hastings, victor over the Princeton lightweight who edged Coombs a week ago, while at 128, Pat Bowditch faces Eli sophomore Leeds. The Eli captain, 136-pound Norm Hascall, with a spotty record behind him, is scheduled to meet. Buddy King who comes down for the tough meets.


Jim Conant at 155 meets a Bulldog ace, Fred Mansell and 175-pound Robert Claflin '50, going better in practice this week, is slated to face Eli powerhouse Jim Howard, who wrestled at Yale in 1946 but was in service last season.