Freshmen Battle Jayvee Nine In Today's Baseball Co-Debut

"We're going to get licked," Freshman Coach Moe Berg and Jayvee mentor Lloyd Harper chanted last night when queried on their charges' prospects against each other on Soldiers Field this afternoon. Unless a new wrinkle appears in baseball competition, one of the two coaches is going to be given the lie.

Berg lacks hitters. The Freshmen have had little outdoor practice so far, and, kept mostly to indoor infield workouts, have had no chance to capitalize on what hitting power they may have. A triple play combo of Vin Morton at third, Hal Marshall at shortstop, and Harry Cavanaugh at second, all veterans of Roxbury Latin, are the forte of the Yearling game.

Have Hitting Prospects

Bill Roseneau will be on the receiving end of the Freshman pitches, with either George Emmens, Pete Webber, or Jim Gabler hurling.

Berg hopes to uncover some heavy hickory wielders among Ed Smith, first baseman and high-scoring captain of the '51 basketball team, center-fielder Kevin Reilley, another Roxbury Latin alumnus, John Simons, and Ernie Wholler. The quartet will be swinging at the middle of the batting order this afternoon.

Harper is worried that his Jayvee battery may have to plug the holes in a weakening Varsity lineup this afternoon. Langdon Clay, most imminent prospect for varsity relief pitching, Johnny Davis, and Roger Hanson, both hampered by sore arms and backs, form the core of his pitching attack. Webby Durant will catch.

Mort Dunn, shortstop and heavy hitter, is fifth infielder for the varsity and may also be recruited out of the Jayvee lineup.