Peace Rally Preview Draws Dean's Threats of Discipline

Drumbeating for Friday's "Save the Peace" rally hit a slightly ominous note yesterday noon, when six College men and as many Radcliffe representatives turned the Memorial Chapel lawn into a graveyard commemorating atom war casualties, only to draw a warning from Associate Dean Watson that further authorized use of University property might lead to severance of connection for those involved. The Yard is "definitely out" for Friday's mass meeting, he added.

Yesterday's demonstration, at which some fifty bystanders watched Yard police Pull up the crosses and wheel them away, did not cause any unusual disturbance.

The onlookers contented themselves with perusal of such chilly warnings as "Here lies I. Knowitall--He 'waited out' the war scare. Rest in peace; or, Rally for Peace."

No Action to Be Taken

No action will be taken against the cross-and-hammer brigade, one of whom was called to Watson's office late in the afternoon. But the Dean Warned that when University property is underfoot, disciplinary action may be invoked whether or not order is maintained.

In the face of the blanket rule against rallying in the Yard, the Save the Peace Committee has askd to locate their open-air demonstration in the Memorial Hall triangle. Watson could give no definite answer to this request last night.