Records Acquit Watson Of Accusations by Band

Report of Committee Explains Rulings

Inspection of University Hall records and the minutes of the Faculty Committee on Student Activities indicated yesterday that charges leveled by Band manager Joseph J. Borgatti, Jr. '45 at Associate Dean Watson Sunday night were unfounded.

The committee, of which Watson is the secretary, acted March 26 on a request for University financial aid to the Band. Borgatti has asked in a letter dated February 24 for $10,100 to defray the costs of Cornell, Army, and Princeton trips next fall. The Committee reported it "felt very strongly" that "the University cannot begin to support organizations at this time."

Decision Reviewed

Watson said yesterday that he spoke to Borgatti and Paul B. Finney '50, treasurer of the Band, after vacation, reporting the committee ruling and saying that it would be brought up again at the next meeting although he doubted that there would be any change in the decision.

Borgatti had claimed that Watson offered "stone wall" opposition to his requests, and vetoed the Band's requests for financial backing.

The committee, in recording its disapproval of a University subsidy, suggested that an advertising campaign "could be handled by a good advertising agency" to raise money for the trips. It further authorized the Bend to present a concert in the Yard in May, at which a table might be set up to accept contributions.

"Never Complained"

In regard to space for rehearsals, Watson said "he (Borgatti) never complained to me," referring to the latter's allegations of repeated last-minute revocations of Sanders Theater permits.

The "price" to which Borgatti referred in connection with the use of Hemenway Gymnasium consists of a $6 fee to pay for a janitor-watchman to open and close the building.

The second item on the committee report was disapproval of the Band's plans for a summer trip to Latin America. "The University cannot allow Pepsi-Cola to advertise as presenting the Harvard University Band. We are very careful about that sort of thing," said Watson.