Bunnies Dunk Would-Be 'Cliffe Cox

One hundred pound of blonde Radcliffe Freshman got a watery heave-he at the hands of eight unsympathetic Leverett oarsmen Tuesday when she offered the Bunny boat her willing services as a distaff coxswain.

Looking back on the incident, and on her damponed ambition last night, Lyane Grabe, Radcliffe '51, sneezed ruefully "They said I didn't have enough muscles," she whimpered hearsely.

Bob Randall, Leverett coxswain, whose position Miss Grube endangered, saw the abortive attempt to muscle in as a 'Cliffe conspiracy to reassert its position on the Charles, lost last spring when the Annex boats officially entered permanent drydock as a result of financial inadequacies.

'Twould Look Bad

"How would it look for Leverett House" Raudall queried, obviously thinking of the years behind when the Cliffe boats won the annual Harvard-Radcliffe contest on the Charles.


"And besides, her voice is too high," he added. "There's shortage of jobs as it is, without this happening." He was backed up by the eight members of his crew who threw in the towel when Miss Grabe applied a second coat of lipstick, explaining "chapped lips, y'know."