Council Kills Move for New Election of NSA Delegates

Ballot Recount Confirms Thursday's Results

Delegates and alternates-elect to the National Student Association announced by the Student Council early Thursday night will remain unchanged, Council President William D. Weeks '49, announced last night.

His statement followed a recount of all ballots and a three hour debate which ended in the quashing of a move for a new election.

"Although some objections have been raised as to the manner in which the NSA election has been run," Weeks stated, "the Council feels that, after looking into the various causes for complaint, there is not sufficient cause for a second election."

Some observers had objected to the shortage of ballots in many Houses, and to the possibility that some candidates had violated rules limiting campaign expenditures.

It was learned that Lowell House received no ballots at lunchtime, and that most other Houses ran out before the meal hour was over. Many students complained that by eating on inter-House, they missed their vote.


The recount showed that the first tallying had given each candidate 50 to 60 votes too few, Weeks said. One candidate's total soared 100 votes in the new addition.

Robert C. Fisher '51, only Freshman on the slate, led the field with a total of 580 votes in the recount.

College NSA delegates, in order of finish: Robert C. Fisher '51, Frederic D. Houghtoling '50, Robert L. Fischelis '50, Frederick Deane, Jr. '18, and W. Jarvis Moody '50.

Alternates: William Gold '49, Donald L. Bornstein '50, and Theodore H. Turner '49.