Annex to Honor New Phi Betes

Radcliffe's top-ranking students, four Seniors and three Juniors recently elected to Phi Beta Kappa, will be honored at an Agassiz House dinner today.

Mary Lee, Radcliffe '49, PBK president, will preside at the meeting, which will feature a talk by Vera Micheles Dean, Radcliffe '25, Visiting Lecturer in Regional Studies, on "The United States and Russia."

Will Hear Jordan

Radcliffe President William K. Jordan will also address the gathering, as will Ralph Lowell, president of PBK's Harvard chapter.

The guests of honor will be: Eleanor M. Millard, Marjory A. Reynolds, Marilyn R. Starkman, and Ellen G. Stearns, all Radcliffe '49.


Junior electees are: Paula G. Rudy, Irene Verona, and Judith A. Spector.

The new members were elected to Radcliffe's Iota chapter of PBK March 5. Twenty-six Harvard student were elected to PBK's Alpha chapter last week.