Houses Elect Council Men Today; Committee Announces Class Slates

Voting Opens at Noon; Tally Starts Tonight

First round of the annual Student Council elections takes place today, when all seven Houses and Dudley Hall choose their representatives.

House members and commuters will vote during lunch, with the Houses getting another chance at the polls during the evening meal. Dudley got a head start yesterday noon, polling some 50 percent of its potential ballots at that time.

The Council will start counting ballots as soon as tonight's meal is over. One representative will be elected from each House.

Men in Houses offering eight or more nominees can pick up to four names on the ballot, while other students will be limited to three choices.

Following is the final list of nominees for Houses:


Adams House: Clyde Eagleton, Jr. '48, M. Jerome Franklin '49, George I. Harris '49, Richard Hatton '49, John K. Lally '40, John D. White, Jr. '49.

Dunster House: Charles R. Brynteson '50, Frederick Deane, Jr. '48, James H. Heller '49, Robert T. Lund '46, Henry E. Manning '49.

Eliot House: Douglas H. T. Bradlee '50, Albert B. Carter, Jr. '50, Charles W. Detjen '50, Hamilton Fish IV '47, Lawrence V. Goodrich '50, Amery Houghton, Jr. '50, Stanley J. Polak '50, Peter N. Stanford '50.

Kirkland House: Arthur F. Bickford, Jr. '50, Robert L. Fischells '50, George W. Keitt, Jr. '50, Charles H. Tanner '49, N. Conant Webb, Jr. '49.

Leverett House: Frederis D. Houghteling '50, Edward T. Kenyon '50, David L. McMurtrie '50.

Lowell House: Robert B. Clark '48, Edward P. Healy '47, Donald M. Landis '50, George C. Lodge '50, Francois J. Malle '50, David C. Poskanzer '50, Herbert J. Spiro '50, R. David Young, Jr. '50.

Winthrop House: Ethan W. Bisbee '50, J. Randall Brown '46, Daniel J. Coolidge '49, Hans H. Estin '49, Brantly Harris '49, Charles T. Hesse '50, Hale M. Knight '50.

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