2196 Upperclass Voters Pick Seven House Representatives for Council

New Councilmen Take Office Next Month

2196 voters, 70 percent of the potential electorate, went to the polls yesterday to pick eight House and Dudley Hall representatives to the Student Council.

The winners will take their seats next month, along with seven Class representatives, who will be elected Wednesday.

The electees are:

From Adams House: George I. Harris '49, of Beechhurst, N. Y.

From Dudley Hall: Edward P. Morrissey '49, of Dorchester.


From Dunster House: Frederick Deane, Jr. '48, of Boston.

From Eliot House: Amory Houghton, Jr. '50, of Corning, N. Y.

From Kirkland House: Robert L. Fischelis '50, of Germantown, Pa.

From Leverett House: David L. McMurtrie '50, of Gorham, N. H.

From Lowell House: R. David Young, Jr. '50, of Montclair, N. J.

From Winthrop House: Hale M. Knight '50, of Grosse Ile, Mich.

Balloting in Dunster outpaced by far the other Houses, as 85 percent of the membership participated. Only 60 percent of Eliot and Leverett Houses turned out for the election, however.

Council treasurer Ray A. Goldberg '48, who was in charge of the election, said last night that no irregularities had been reported to him. He added, "This election has run off more smoothly than any other I have seen."