Track Team Favored Today

Another Saturday, another track meet. Holy Cross and Boston University are the targets for this afternoon, and if the Crimson doesn't rip through them like a 45 caliber slug going through tissue paper, a lot of people will be surprised. Harvard hurdler Pat McCormick (above) rates as one of the surer winners.

B.U. has a 10.1 sprinter, Tom Carney, and a capable broadjumper, Bill Maze. But the Terriers knuckled under to Amherst last Saturday, 80 to 53, while Harvard was snapping a 12-year Rhode Island State dual meet winning skein.

Not Like Basketball Squad

The story at Worcester is similar, with no Kaftans or Cousys to help out on the cinders. Last spring, in a tri meet against the Cross and Boston College, Coach Mikkola's team scored 103 points. It could happen again this afternoon, with a 5-3-2-1 scoring system.

Mikkola doesn't particularly care how many points his athletes score today as long as they win the meet. What he is concerned about are the times. "Results must be better," he says, "if we are going to do anything against Yale."

Mikkola isn't the only coach who will be checking the Varsity times. With the Harvard-Yale meet only two weeks off, Eli coach Bob Giegengack may well read Crimson summaries tomorrow closely.

Probable Varsity Scorers:

Hammer (1:30)--Felton, Thorndike Ward; high jump (2:00)--Harrigan, Jenkins; pole vault (2:00)--Lockett, Lawrence, Torrey; broad jump (2:00)--Thayer, Kumpel; discus (2:30)--Felton, Cameron, Tootell; javelin (3:00)--Trimble, Holbrook, von Saltza; shot put (3:30)--Trimble, Tootell.

120-high hurdles (2:30)--McCormick Coville; 100 (2:40)--Spivak, Harwood; mile (2:50)--Gurley; 440 (3:00)--Hamblett; two mile (3:30)--Cogan, Albee; 220-low hurdles (3:45)--McCormick; 220 (4:00)--Cavicke, Thayer; 880 (4:10)--Gurley, Wheeler.