College Ballots on NSA Today for Second Time

Unprecedented Revote To Pick 5 Delegates

By Student Council order, the College will return to the ballot boxes today for its second and final election of National Student Association delegates in 12 days.

House and Union diners will choose among the 20 nominees at noon and evening meal hours, while Dudley Hall will vote at lunch only.

Voting procedure will not be radically different from that followed at the error-filled election on Thursday, April 15, but a special three-man Council election committee has installed several precautions.

These measures include a check-off of voters as they leave, instead of enter, dining halls: constant inspection of the polls; storage of more than enough ballots and biographies; pre-planning of ballot counting; and a careful watch for violation of campaigning rules.

Robbins Is Boss


Head supervisor of this precedent-shattering re-vote is Samuel M. Robbins '45, who assumed command after the Council tossed out the results of the first election on Tuesday.

Robbins urged full participation in the election last night, warning that. "Unless there is a sizable turnout our NSA delegates will not be true representatives of the College." Partially owing to a serious ballot shortage, only 1750 students voted at the last election.

As of last night, Robbins said he had not received word of any infraction of campaigning rules.