Leighton Talks Shop: Grade Groups

Vets Lose Scholastic Grip

The vets are slipping.

For the first time since the end of the war, veterans in the Freshman class are dragging down the class grade record, instead of bolstering it.

Dean Leighton revealed yesterday that while 30.3 percent of '51's non-vets made Dean's List at mid-years, only 17.9 percent of the veterans did. Correspondingly, 24.1 percent of the veteran Freshmen this year were "unsatisfactory," as compared with 13 percent of the non-veterans.

According to Leighton, veterans in '51 are really "veterans of the post-war period."

Figures for last year's Freshmen reveal that, in a class almost evenly divided between vets and non-vets, the Veterans had a higher percentage on the Dean's List and a lower percentage unsatisfactory.


Dean Leighton explained that if the 240 veterans in the Class of '51 had done as well at mid-years as the 226 non-veterans, the Class would have broken all existing records for scholastic achievement, and, he predicted, it's "on its way" to doing so.